Membership, Levels, Application and Member Directory

Any adult, proficient in square dancing A1/A2 (Advanced) levels, is welcome to join in Prime 8’s workshop classes and activities.  An application for Membership is available on this site or by request to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Membership levels are:

  • Full:  Full Members pay an annual fee of $25 in September of each calendar year.  Full Members pay a $15  monthly fee (due the members first class night of the month) for workshop classes.  Full Members are eligible to vote at membership meetings and hold office.
  • Honorary: Honorary Members are designated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary Members may attend workshop classes without fee requirements.  Honorary Members may not vote at Membership or Board meetings, or hold office.
  • Guests: Guests pay an $8 fee each class night they may attend.  Guests cannot vote at any meetings or hold office.  Guests may, by approved application, be included in the Club Directory and/or receive requests/notices of workshops.

See Membership Form in this section for application.

The Membership Directory is available only to members/guests listed in the directory.