Any adult, proficient in square dancing A1/A2 (Advanced) levels, is welcome to join in Prime 8’s workshop classes and activities. An application for Membership is available by request to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Membership levels are:
Full: Full Members pay an annual fee of $25 in September of each calendar year. Full Members pay a $15 monthly fee (due the members first class night of the month) for workshop classes. Full Members are eligible to vote at membership meetings and hold office.

Honorary: Honorary Members are designated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary Members may attend workshop classes without fee requirements. Honorary Members may not vote at Membership or Board meetings or hold office.

Guests: Guests pay an $8 fee each class night they may attend. Guests cannot vote at any meetings or hold office. Guests may, by approved application, be included in the Club Directory and/or receive requests/notices of workshops.

Membership is from January through December of any  respective year.
Annual application is required in September of each year for the following year.
Applications MUST be submitted annually to maintain standing with the Club.
Prime 8's considers this confidential information.
Members determine what may be published in the club directory by checking "OK" or "NO".  If all information is checked as "NO" the individual will not be published in the directory.
Directories/Listings will only be made available by request to the Secretary/Treasurer to approved members and guests and those listed in the directories.
Information from applications may be submitted to and used by affiliate organizations to maintain and verify club standing and insurance.
Applications may be made in person, via postal mail, or as an attachment from the listed e-mail.